San Vincenzo is a charming village with a tourist character on the Etruscan coast, surrounded by green hills and a coastline that extends for about 12 kilometres.
The north coast, adjacent to the town of Castagneto Carducci, offers wild and extensive beaches adorned with oases of Mediterranean vegetation while the coast in front of the country, besides containing an innovative Approdo Turistico, is the seat of organized bathing establishments. The southern area bounded by the small port of Torre Nuova is characterized almost entirely by Parco di Rimigliano a long pine forest is the setting for a soft and golden beach.
Because of its advantageous position, San Vincenzo was once inhabited intently by the ancient Etruscan civilization.
The Tower of San Vincenzo, the symbol that distinguishes it, was built around 1200 as a point of sighting towards the attacks of the Saracens.
In the historic surroundings of San Vincenzo it is possible to embark on a long journey in the past, visiting the various medieval villages and the many archeological sites.
A little further south, entering the municipality of Piombino, you arrive at the picturesque Golfo di Baratti, a crucial place in the Iron Age, which offers visitors the wonders of the Etruscan Necropolis brought to light in recent decades.
The whole area is rich in excavations and classified as an archeological park. Continuing a few kilometres the road ends at the walls of the fortress of Populonia, a small village of the Etruscan era whose strategic position once allowed dominion over the entire coastal strip.
Another enviable marvel of our territory is without doubt the Tuscan archipelago, whose flagship, , Isola d’Elba, is reachable from Piombino in just 30 minutes by ferry.
If we leave the coast and we enter in the South hilly area, a few kilometers of road we find Campiglia Marittima and the wonders that offers the archaeological park with the Rocca di San Silvestro. Continuing we enter the town of Suvereto ancient medieval village, where you can visit the Natural park of montii, with the important monuments of the Napoleonic era.
If from San Vincenzo we head towards the North hinterland we find Castagneto Carducci, a charming and suggestive place, the theatre of an intense and concited past that owes its name to the illustrious poet Joshua.
Continuing on we arrive in Bolgheri, another small medieval village, home of a castle dating from the Byzantine period and Bibbona, whose very remote origins are likely to descend to the Etruscan period.
In a few tens of kilometers, the entire area of the Etruscan coast is concentrated, where you can know the endless testimonies of the past, but also simply enjoy the beauties of the present, contemplating the parks, the beaches and the hills that They frame this corner of paradise.